Friday, April 2, 2010

Eggy Inspiration

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Inspiration for this DIY design recipe comes from these amazing Ukrainian eggs by Tanya Zivkovic. I love the intricate details and combination of florals, geometrics, and bright vivid colors. I thought it'd be fun to create a design that has the essence of these eggs. Perfect for an Easter Celebration.

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For this recipe you'll need:

A decorative font: Exotica 
A simple slab serif font: Alexandria
A geometric pattern: Grid Paper Pattern
A floral pattern: Leafy Set
Some lines and dots: on your editing program
Vibrant color palette: Plum, Periwinkle, Mustard, Olive, and Tangerine

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Download and collect any of the ingredients you need. Open your editing program and create a new document. You can usually find a starter template from your program or just measure and set up your own.

Import or place each of your pattern elements into your program and start mixing.  I started with the grid pattern over my whole document. Then I placed the plum floral pattern to the side right over the top.  I layered a couple lines to create the olive and mustard dotted stripe.  On top of that I placed a circle outlined with the same olive green and placed my initial inside.  I used the simple slab serif font as an accent on a few of the items.

For this recipe, there are a lot of bold colors and pattern on pattern. Your main ingredient should be the geometric pattern that is scaled back in opacity or a really light color so that it is very subtle. You'll want to use your more ornate pattern elements sparingly throughout your document. You can go with the brighter colors in your palette for the less used items. White space is good so use the bright and ornate elements like a spice- just a little here and there to give it some interest.

You can see in the sample below I created a calling card, a note card, and a sticker, using the same elements.  I could then save these files as a high-res jpg or pdf and upload them to a printer and in a few days I'd have a personal stationery suite.

I could also print them off on my own home printer and create some place cards for our Easter meal. Wouldn't a whole Easter table scape using these colors look fantastic?

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 Happy Easter & Enjoy!


  1. so much fun! i wish there was a way to post our results :) keep going girls - i love this!!

  2. Great idea Emily- we just created a Flickr group for Good Look Cookbook here:

    We'd love to see what you did with our recipe.



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