Friday, April 30, 2010

Vintage Recipe Card

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The inspiration for this recipe card comes from a favorite dessert I like to whip up for Mother's Day. Everyone in my family loves these chocolate mini molten cakes. They seem gourmet, yet are really so simple; you can't go wrong with chocolate & strawberries. Plus, I am a big believer in little ramekin baking cups and think no home should be without! I love to give a set of ramekin dishes along with this recipe, printed with a touch of vintage whimsy. Passing down a beloved recipe is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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For your custom printed recipe card, you'll need:

• Design software such as InDesign or Photoshop

• Cooking clipart, I got the vintage rolling pin image from Still, there are tons of inexpensive options if you google search the item and the word clipart (you can find low prices offered here)
• A script and serif font. I chose Edwardian Script & Garamond Regular. Loads of pretty font suggestions over on
• A favorite fool-proof, deliciously divine dessert recipe from your family's recipe box.

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Open up a blank document in your design program. I prefer InDesign myself. (However, for this simple project, Microsoft Word could definitely work in a pinch!) Create the dimensions to fit your needs. I like a 5x7 card to fold in half and tuck into a gift. Place your vintage clipart graphic onto the document. Type out your recipe utilizing your chosen fonts to give it a taste of fanciness. Use dotted lines or borders to make the layout clear. Double check your recipe for any errors. (No one wants to substitute salt when it should've been sugar!) Include any small anecdotes, the recipe origin or a personal thought. Print your custom recipe on nice card stock, adding ribbon or embellishments if you'd like. Framing it is a nice way to present a special traditional family recipe. Be sure to print out and save a few extras for your gift shelf.

Optional: Before you type out the recipe, add a clever title in the script font such as "From Marta's Kitchen..." or "Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards!" on top of your document. Include a scalloped border and your vintage graphic. Go ahead and click save as "Recipe Card Template". Now whenever you find yourself typing up one of your famous recipes or needing a quick gift idea, this custom-made recipe card template will be ready to go. Type someone else's name instead of yours, print, cut and you've got a cute set of custom recipe cards for the honorary bride-to-be for the shower you're hosting on Saturday!

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This makes a thoughtful gift idea in any circumstance; a Mother's Day luncheon, a bridal kitchen shower, or for a family with a new baby at home. The recipes would be sweet all scrolled up and tied with baker's twine for a small favor after serving the desserts at a dinner party. Give them with a small bowl of berries. Chocolate not your thing? Feel free to adapt the recipe cards to your own family favorites; bake your mom's favorite apple pie and give her a new lovely pie dish to go along with your custom framed recipe.


  1. Hi friends,

    Vintage recipe card is available in both 3×5 and 4×6 format. Thank you...

    custom recipe cards

  2. The size 3X5 and 4X6 are standards for official purpose.


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