Friday, May 28, 2010

Father's Day Gift Certificates

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Father's Day is coming up. Sometimes dads can be a little hard to shop for, but you know you've got a whole list of non-store-bought things they love, from your homemade pies to back rubs to taking on some of their chores. I love the retro look of these cards from L2 Design Collective and wanted to apply the same style to some custom gift certificates for Dad!

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To achieve a retro gender-neutral look, you'll want:

  • a fun retro palette
  • a few big chunky fonts (normally I absolutely do not mix similar fonts but for this retro look, it's okay! I used Headline 1 and Chunk Five, which I found for free online, and Playbill, which was already on my computer)
  • a symbol font (like wingdings or zapf dingbats)
  • some slightly askew lines

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Open your design program of choice. I always use Illustrator. Set up your document to be 5x7.

Type all of the words you'll be using in your gift certificate. I like to type each line in separate text fields, which makes it easier to resize and place the text well. One style I love is making each line of text span the width of the certificate.

Apply the colors to the text.

Draw in some skewed lines.

Use your symbol font to find a fun symbol to add to your design.

Print the certificates on your home printer or at a print shop (I always prefer the colors from a print shop. I loathe my home printer). I print two to a page, and then cut them out from an 8.5x11 sheet!

Give to Dad!!

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