Friday, June 11, 2010

A Bundle of Compliments

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When my best friend turned 25 a few years ago, I made her an accordion book with collaged pictures and papers that reminded me of her. I included twenty-five words with their definitions that described her sweet personality. I thought this same idea would be wonderful for an amazing dad; a perfect way to pay tribute to him and surprise him with a Father's Day Gift.

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• A pen & paper
• A thesaurus & dictionary
• Any sort of designing software. I like InDesign because I can outline the fonts and manipulate them as I'd like.
• Two contrasting fonts; I used georgia & schoolhouse.
• Scissors & glue
• Cardstock for printing

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First, jot down all the words that come to mind when you think of your father. Imagine you were describing him in detail to a stranger, what words come to mind? What are his best attributes? Why is he so special? Write these words down and look up their definitions.

Type the information into your design software and scatter the words so there is plenty of room to cut them out once they are printed. Use one font for the words and the other for the definitions. Arrange them in whatever method you'd like. Using heavy cardstock, print the pages out and cut out the compliment cards. Use your imagination with the many ways you can present your compliment cards.

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Paste the cards into a scrapbook, an album or keep them loose and tuck the stack of compliments into a shiny metal box for his desk at work. Take it one step further and jot a happy memory on each compliment card about having him for a father. Tie a ribbon around it and present your personalized gift to your pops this Father's Day!


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