Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to School Bookmarks

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My kids are getting ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks. I thought it'd be fun to update one of my least favorite back to school things for my kids. Reading logs. I don't know about your kids, but  mine can't seem to keep them around long enough for me to log their minutes and sign them.

I think it'd be fun to make a reading log bookmark for the kids. Maybe if the log was kept in the actual book- it'd be easier to keep track of it. Each grade/class could have their own color and then turn them in for credit for an end of semester party for the class who turned in the most bookmarks.

I love old library cards. I found some cool inspiration from a fun shop called Knock Knock with their Personal Library Kit and more from ByVikInk's Traveling Bookmarks from Etsy.  Both are great product ideas and have some fun graphics.

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For this recipe you'll need:

•A library card color palette: I used a manila envelope beige, an ink blue, and rubber stamp red.
•A san serif font: I used Puritan, free at Font Squirrel.
•Some library card lines and shapes 

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The front side is for identifying the owner of the bookmark, what book they read, the date the book was finished and space for parents or teachers to sign it off. I sized my bookmark document at 6"x2".  I filled the main shape with red then placed the a rounded shape on top of it. I used my line tool to create the lines and dashed lines and added the type on top.

The back of the document is for recording minutes or signing off that reading was done each day. There are five spaces per day so it could be used for five weeks or as long as it takes to read and complete the book.  I started by filling the shape with the same beige color. Then I added the lines and text to form a library card like grid.

I'd then save them as high res pdf's and upload them to one of the online print shops for printing. If possible I think using a non coated cover weight paper stock would be best to be able to write easily on the bookmark. 

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Here is what my finished bookmarks look like. One of those rotating number stamps like in the Knock Knock kit would be fun to stamp the bookmark with the dates read and completed. I think the whole library card theme could also be great for bookplates, personal stationery, read-a-thon invites, etc. Wouldn't a wedding invitation suite be cool done in a library card/card catalog theme? Maybe for a couple who met in a library or loves reading? What other ways could you use the library theme? Can you think of more?


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  1. I really like this idea. It's awesome. I need a good printer. Do you have any recommendations?


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