Friday, August 13, 2010

Personalized Stickers

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My family reunion was this past week. When we all get together, there are 11 children, and we typically write names on plastic cups so they know which is theirs. I fell in love with these initialed gift tags, I've always loved patterns, AND anything with my own personal initial on it, so I thought it might be fun to create stickers that the kids could use as a fun and colorful way to identify their own cups.

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For this recipe, you'll need a rainbow of summery fun colors. I used a light and medium shades of sky blue, line green, banana yellow, lipstick pink, tangy orange, and cherry red.
I also chose several patterns, some that I created myself, others are from istockphoto.
I purchased some precut circle stickers that you can print on. Avery provides an online template so your designs align with the precut shapes.
And the main ingredient of course, is the font. I used Zebrawood which I already own, but there are other options that are very similar (and free!), such as Captain Howdy.

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I mixed patterns and colors, thinking of each child's personality, gender, and their taste. I made sure the color combinations looked delicious and appealing to kids, then topped the stickers with the initial of each child.

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I printed my design onto the precut sheet, then was  ready to share the final stickers with my nieces and nephews. After I adhered a sticker onto each child's cup, I gave each of them a sticker that they could use wherever they want. The stickers were a hit—both with adults—keeping the cups straight, as well as with the kids!


  1. Those are so cute! Great idea :)

  2. Oh so cute and useful at the same time! Love it.


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