Monday, September 6, 2010

moving announcement

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A friend asked me to design a quick and simple moving announcement for her. I decided to use a photo that I saw recently for my inspiration.

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For this recipe you'll need:

- A color palette inspired by the photo.
- A sans serif font. I used Aller from Font Squirrel.
- A simple pattern to add some texture (inspired by the start of school).

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Since my friend wanted to print these announcements from her home printer, I decided to keep the color coverage to a minimum. I also opted for not having any colors bleed of the side of the page.

The card size is 4.5" x 5.5" which fits a standard A2 envelope. This size is also convenient because it fits four per letter-sized page.

The photograph was the inspiration for the colors and the silhouette of the house.

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This is how the final announcement turned out (aside from the fake info!). I set up four per page and sent my friend a PDF for easy printing. All she'll need to do is use card stock and cut each page into four announcements.


  1. How much of a border did you leave around the design?

  2. Thanks Heather!

    Stacey - I left a little over 1/4" as a border—more like 5/16".


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