Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Candy Boxes

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I was looking to create a candy box for a neighbor that wasn't feeling too well, but I wasn't particularly excited about any of the papers I had in my stash. Instead, I set out to make a patterned paper of my very own that I could use to make a candy pouch. Above is the inspiration courtesy, of course, of my favorite design inspiration site, Color Collective.

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The ingredients are simple:

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1. Make your repeat pattern. You can download free vector patterns here, or make your own. In a nutshell, I made a zig-zag line across my page using the pen tool in illustrator with the thickness of the line at about 11pts. After I made my first line, I selected the line with my general selection tool & dragged the line down the sheet while holding the shift & option keys. The shift key keeps the line in the same vertical as the previous line & the option key repeats the line. Once you're satisfied with the distance between the two lines, hit command D until the line repeats all the way off the page. From there, color each stroke in your desired colors.

2. Print

3. Make the pouch

4. Make the lettering for the label. I have a Wacom tablet, so I used that to write "for you" in cursive. You could scan in your own handwriting & live trace it, or use a script font (See my last post for good ones) to write "for you".

5. Make the background for the label. Using your marquee tool (the rectangle) make a rectangle the desired size of your tag (about 2"x2"). Using the direct select tool, select the top line of the rectangle, hold down the shift key & move the top line of the rectangle to the left about 1/3 of the way. This creates your parallelogram. Fill in with the solid color of your choice.

6. Print

7. Cut out.

8. Using the instructions from the Post & Presents tutorial, make a pouch & fill it with candy or other misc. goodies. Fini!

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I used baker's twine to attach the tag to the pouch. The striped twine + chevron pattern compliment each other well. Enjoy!


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