Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You Notes

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We recently established a new tradition in our family of each writing thank you notes on Sunday afternoons. I made a family thank you note binder, where I have a few guidelines for how to compose a personal thank you note, as well as a pocket to hold pre-made thank you cards and envelopes so that my children can just grab one when they’re ready to write. I wanted to make a variety of thank you notes and found some great inspiration on Typography Mania.

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For this recipe, you’ll need:

A variety of fonts in different weights, styles, and sizes. I chose Bill Hicks 5, Made, and Linear, which are all available free at Urban Fonts, as well as a couple other fonts that I already had installed on my computer.

A neutral color palette of tans and black.

Ornamental swirls and swashes

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Gather all of your ingredients. Feel free to make adjustments, according to your own tastes. I opened up a new letter-size document in Adobe Illustrator and then drew a box that measured 5.5x8.5, so that when I fold it in half, it will fit the standard envelopes that I have on hand (you can use the software you feel most comfortable using and change the size if you have different envelopes).

I decided to write “thank you” in a variety of languages to fill up the front of the card. I thought it would be an interesting twist and my ulterior motive is that maybe my kids might learn a little foreign language! I found this site helpful: Ways to Say Thank You to find a variety of languages.

After getting all of my type fit in place, I moved my file over to Photoshop for the finishing details. I used a variety of swirly decorative brushes and swashes of color under the text and on the edges of my card front. I already had these, which I got at Scrap Girls, but you can use whatever ornamental swirls you want to decorate and grunge up your edges a bit.

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Here is my finished card, which will now be placed in our family Thank You Binder!

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  1. I really love this idea of writing thank you notes. It's such a good tradition. I'm going to do it this week for FHE

  2. I am a big fan of thank you notes. And I love this typographic one!

  3. what paper did you print these on? Did you just print them yourself on your home printer? love them and am going to make these for Christmas gifts, with some cute packaging. Love your site, its so fun!!!

  4. Thanks, Amanda. I printed them myself at home. I like to use either a 47-lb. presentation paper or 61-lb. double side matte paper for my cards. They have a nice weight for cards and - since they are a matte, smooth finish - they make it easy to write with a regular pen on the inside of the card.


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