Friday, November 19, 2010

White Balance

No standard recipes today. I'm sharing with you how to quickly adjust white balance to your photos so they look top notch!

Here's what the image looks like when I'm all done. Hope this helps with your photo editing!



  1. I'm sorry, but I do not see a video or even a link to it...

  2. What web browser are you accessing the site from? I'm looking at it on my computer & it looks fine. Let me know if you have any more troubles seeing it.

  3. Thanks Melissa for this amazing tip!
    I don't know why, my pics come up always very yellowy (even if I take them with natural light). I just can't manage to set my camera's white correctly.
    I usually do an automatic levels adjustment in photoshop, but it doesn't always improve my pics, so I'll definetely try your way. It seems much more accurate.
    Thanks again!!!

  4. Wow, I just tried it on a photo of mine - what a difference, thank you!

  5. I finally was able to see it. My Ad Block wasn't allowing it to show up. Thanks so much for the vid!

  6. such an esay fix you showed! thank you and great simple directions!


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