Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards

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Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! I love helping my kids design their valentines to give to their friends. I like to come up with an idea that will let them help out in some way in the creation process. When I was browsing the internet for some ideas for the upcoming day, I found a couple of ideas that I liked and wanted to try to combine them into 1 solution. I like the simplistic basic idea behind these pirate valentines from and I loved the idea of the owl (and the play on words associated with it) from

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• A bold sans serif font. I chose Century Gothic Bold, because I love the sharp clean lines and round e's and o's that match the clean graphic look of the owl. This font came standard with my computer, but you can choose any font that fits your tastes.
• Some simple shapes. Some software programs have a variety of shapes built in or you could draw your own.
• Either some clip-art of an owl or a drawing program that will allow you to draw a very simple, graphic owl illustration (I used Adobe Illustrator).

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Gather all of your ingredients. Feel free to make adjustments, according to your own tastes. I opened up a letter-size document in Adobe Illustrator. I drew a box that was 4.25x5.5 in., which is 1/4 sheet. I drew the basic shape of the owl and then the eyes, beak, and heart. Then, using the text tool, I typed the phrase "Owl always think you're sweet." in the top center of my box. There are a variety of phrases you could use - anything that starts with "I'll" will be replaced with "owl".

I designed a simple back of the card to coordinate with the front, including a space to write the recipient's name and a space for my child to sign it.

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I chose to keep the valentines in bold black and white and will have my children color in the white heart shape to give it a pop of color and let them participate in helping create the cards. We plan to attach a lollipop or other "sweet" candy (to tie in to the message) to the card.

Hope you have fun creating some cute valentine's cards! "Owl" be anxious to see them!

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