Friday, February 25, 2011

Wrap Labels

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I came across these images on the blog Yes, Please. They were from a wedding planning event called Hitched. All the images are beautiful but I picked the ones above as my inspiration for this design recipe. It looks like such a fun event- wouldn't it be fun to be invited to a table set up and decorated like the one above? I thought it'd be nice to make some wrap labels to accompany the table.

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For this recipe you'll need:

• Flower clip art- I found this one free [HERE].
• Horse clip art- free [HERE].
• Chevron/Zig-Zag pattern- I drew my own but found a pattern tile [HERE].
• Scalloped label shape- I drew mine (secret: it's just keyboard brackets joined together & filled a solid color).
• Serif Font- I used Bernard MT Condensed already on my system but found a version [HERE].
• Color palette based off my inspiration images.

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Set up your document size. Most of the wrap labels I found were sized around 8 x 2 inches so that's the measurements I used. Next, set up your guides depending on the size of your envelope and how much you want your design to wrap.  I set mine up so that the main design and address area would be 5 inches and the amount the wraps to the back would be 3 inches.

I noticed from the images that there was a lot of neutral tones, tans, golds, whites, and yellows.  From there the table was accented with the turquoise blue and pinks and other colors. I decided to use the same color distribution for my labels. Using the yellow color to represent the amount of neutrals and using the other brighter colors as an accent.

I filled my whole canvas with the yellow color then started layering the different clip art elements. I screened back the opacity of the flowers then added the chevron pattern in a thin stripe on top, reminiscent of the folded napkins of the image.  I used the scalloped label shape to mimic the scalloped plate and put a little horse on it, just like the place setting.

I added the recipients address to the panel under the horse and my return address to the solid color panel that wraps to the back.

When you have your design just the way you want it, you could set up multiples on a single sheet. This would allow you to print them on full sheet sticker paper then trim them out to apply to your envelopes. This design fits five to a sheet.

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  1. Ohh I always wondered how to make these types of labels. Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

    <3 Ana -

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