Friday, March 4, 2011

Custom Notepads

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Ever want to customize your own notepads? I always do! I made custom notepads for client Christmas gifts this past year, but the idea came from a simpler project (that I didn't take a picture of). I made custom one-of-a-kind notepads by designing and replacing the standard covers. This recipe tells you how to create your own.

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I made a set of 2 coordinating notepad covers, so I chose 2 complimentary color palettes:
• earthy greens with a contrasting turquoise color, and
• autumn gold colors with a contrasting bold red
• use a variety of fonts in contrasting weights, widths, and styles (I just chose from varieties I already had)
• a pattern (this one is available here)
• a gum-bound notepad with an existing cover, any size you want

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I purchased gum-bound notepads (not spiral bound), and measured the covers, then set up my file using that same size. I created the artwork using PhotoShop because I like the ability to control transparency, and adjust colors, etc.

I used the lighter color and filled the whole background with it (the lighter green is my favorite and delicious color!) I brought in the background pattern and adjusted it to be only a little bit darker than the background color. Then I used the darker shade of the color and added a band across the top.

I used a different font for each letter, and adjusted their size and placement until I liked how they looked. I also had a little fun with the words I chose: Notes and Goals, and made the letters interplay with each other. I used black for one word and used the darker of the palette colors on the "extra letters" (I did the same thing with the opposite letters when I did the other notebook).

As a final touch and to give a little spice, I used the bold contrasting color as a bar to incorporate the date and also for another message on the bottom edge.

You could do this with your family name, kids' names, or whatever else you want as your cover message.
Once you're satisfied with the way it looks, trim it out, and adhere it to the cover of the existing notepad!

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