Friday, April 22, 2011

Magnet for Mom

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This was posted in one of the blogs I follow. I love the whimsical letters and the color scheme. My mom's birthday is coming up, and I thought it would be fun to make a magnet with her name on it, to go along with her present.

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I chose several different fonts, all free! Fancy Pants, BP Script, Seaside Resort, Beffle, Tribeca, and Fontleroy Brown.
I also chose a bright spring green, and a selection of delicious sherbet-looking colors. They look like spring! I created a frame using circles and lines and was ready to start my project.

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1. I used Illustrator and typed my mom's name using each of the fonts so I could see which letters I liked best. I mixed them up and played with sizes and arrangement until I liked the way it looked.
2. You can buy printable magnet stock (it has a printable paper side), or you can buy magnets from a craft store and attach them to the back of whatever you create). I chose a standard business card size: 3.5" x 2.
3. I created a frame, it looks more complex than it is...I just created a circle and duplicated it all the way around the edge of my frame. I filled in the center using a box in the same green,  then added a white box, and kept adding features—solid lines, dotted lines, and dots—until I liked the way it looked.
4. I inserted my mom's names, giving each letter a different color. Tip: start with a darker or stronger color, use another strong color in the middle and another at the end. It will keep it more legible, and it will "frame" the word nicely too.
5. I wanted a light peach colored background so I added that, then I was ready to print onto the magnetic sheet!

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And here it is—a magnet to accompany my mom's gift—happy birthday, mom!

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