Sunday, September 25, 2011

Epic Birthday Tag

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My oldest son loves the clothing brand Epic Threads and when I was cutting the tag off of his back-to-school clothes recently, I noticed what a great design the tag had. I immediately thought it would make a great inspiration piece for a Good Look Cookbook post!

October is right around the corner and it's a busy birthday month for my family. My brother, sister, and Dad all have birthdays within the first week of the month. With birthdays on my mind, I thought the clothing tag inspiration piece would translate perfectly into a birthday tag for these upcoming birthdays.

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The ingredients are pretty basic for this one. I just drew a variety of shapes (tag, square, circle) and drew a dotted line.

I used 3 different fonts - a grungy type font, a typewriter font, and a specialty font. I used Dirty Socks Skinny for my grungy font. You can download it here. I used Courier Bold for my typewriter font. This comes standard with most computers. And for my specialty font, I used Amerika. You can download that here.

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After gathering my ingredients, I composed my tag, following the basic feel and design of the inspiration piece, writing my own birthday wishes to replace the clothing description text.

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And here is my finished tag ... all ready for me to attach to the gift that I still need to buy for my brother!

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