Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Pop-up Card

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I've always been a fan of pop-up books and cards. I got the inspiration for this card from a hanging mobile. I didn't save the picture of it, but I remembered how the hearts were assembled and I thought with a little modification, I could turn it into a pop-up card. I tried it out for my husband's birthday card and was really excited about how easy it was, and how cute it turned out. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I'll show you how to make one for your valentine.

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• 2 coordinating patterned papers (you could also use color copies of photographs, magazine pages, etc.)
• A folding card and envelope (I used a pre-made card and contrasting envelope to match my patterned papers)
• scissors and adhesive (I used rubber cement, but you could use also use glue stick or other scrapbook adhesives)

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First, you need to make a heart template. Make sure it's not too large for your card. All I did is fold a piece of paper in half, then cut half of a heart on the fold. If it's not right, trim it a little til you like the shape. It has to be symmetrical—so make sure you fold and cut both sides together if you modify it.

Once you've got a template, use it to cut out hearts—3 from each of your patterned papers, 6 total. (They need to be folded in half anyway, so it's easiest to do it the same way as you did the template—fold the paper, and sandwich the template heart over your folded paper. You can trace around and cut, or just hold it tight and cut around the template).

When you have them all cut out, you need to glue them together—make sure the pattern side of your paper is folded to the inside, and only glue one side at a time. Obviously, the glue goes on the back side of your paper. Alternate the patterns, and keep gluing until they are all together—leave the final right and left side unglued since they need to attach to the card. To adhere the hearts to the card, I found it was best to position the heart (unglued) where I wanted it, then hold it in place while I closed the card around it. Hold one side of the heart in place as you reopen the card. The heart's position now accounts for its thickness. Hold it in position, fold the heart closed, and put glue on that side first. Fold the card over it, securing the glue, then open the card and do the same thing with the other side of the heart. Once it's dry, you've got a dimensional pop-up valentine!

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Voila Valentine! Hope you all have someone to make one for!

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