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We, the head chefs at Good Look Cookbook, LOVE design. So much that we want to share it with everyone. There is SO much yummy design out in the world and the internet makes it all accessible in a way that is amazing.  Type in FREE digital downloads in your search engine and see what comes up. Yup, it can be a little overwhelming.

That's where we step in. As professional graphic designers, we take all these raw ingredients so to speak, and create a recipe that you at home can use.  A little of this, a pinch of that.  So the end product, although created by you, has been thought up by professional designers.

Kind of like the chefs from your favorite cooking show, we put our own twists on design ingredients and show what we can make out of them. Then you take that idea home to your own design kitchens and create away.

Visit the profile page of each head chef from the Good Look Cookbook to learn more about their own studios and see samples of their professional work.


What can I do with your Design Recipes?

You can use them to create all kinds of great designs. Use them as inspiration for a blog design, use them to create an invitation, make some calling cards, the sky's the limit!

How do I use the Design Recipes? What software do I need?

The Designs will show you where to gather all the elements to use from sources all over the web. We put together the look and show you some sample projects made from those items. To make something with these ingredients for yourself, check out the Cool Tools links on our sidebar. These software links range from pro to beginner. Although we don't show you how to use software here on GLCB, most of the DIY Design software companies have great how-to sections on their sites.

If you are following a Design Recipe, you will follow the links from our site and download the recommended items to your own computer. Then, most of the software companies listed under the Cool Tools header will let you set up an document or image and then import all the different recipes elements into that image. Then by moving them around and positioning them where you want, you can create an original image and save it for whatever output you need.

What if I like a Design Recipe but don't want to make something myself? Can you customize something for me?

Check out the profile page of the head chef that submitted the recipe. We all have our own studios and would love to help with custom work if you need it.

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