Cherise Oleson

When I was a young girl, I had dreams of becoming an artist one day. As I grew older, that dream was replaced with other aspirations and goals. After 2 years of studying Electrical Engineering at BYU, I realized that I wasn't excited about getting up in the morning and going to work as an engineer. I started thinking about what would excite me. That's when I got back in touch with that dream I had as a little girl. I applied to the Design Department, was accepted, and changed my major to Graphic Design. A few years later, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Graphic Design and was soon thereafter employed full-time by a creative agency in San Francisco called Ad-Lib. While there, I was able to work on some great accounts such as Bank of America and Robert Mondavi. It was a great experience to learn and grow as a professional designer.

1997 brought some great changes, including getting married to my husband, Mark. After the wedding, we moved to Utah so that Mark could pursue his higher education degree. I was able to continue to work for Ad-Lib by telecommuting for close to a year after moving. But gradually, I decided that freelancing would be more appropriate for my current situation. Since that time, I have done a variety of freelance graphic design work, including logos, brochures, booklets, calendars, and posters. But I have also been busy creating my four beautiful works of art named Aaron, Mason, Bailey, and Lauren (my children!).

I love photographing my children and documenting our family memories through scrapbooks. In 2007, I joined the Product Design Team for Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking, where I create a variety of digital designs for sale, which can be used for both digital scrapbooking and other design projects.
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