Guest Chefs

Marta Dansie is a stay-at-home mama, a freelance graphic designer and whole-hearted writer, blogging daily at She is the name behind; specializing in logo design, book layout, party & wedding invitations, custom calligraphy, printed announcements, hand-bound books and mural collage media. Most recently, her writing was published in Kirtsy Takes A Bow. When she's not sitting at her desk, she is rifling through recipes, collecting pretty paper, snapping photos, writing voracious lists or perhaps on a roadtrip with her husband and little boy. Marta blogs at

Alma Loveland studied English and editing at Brigham Young University. At her student editing job, she’d watch the graphic artists draw all day long (and get paid for it!) while she had to toil away fixing commas, spelling errors, and run-on sentences. Editing wasn’t exactly thrilling work, but she thought perhaps she could work her way into magazine publishing, so she bought the Adobe Creative Suite to teach herself InDesign. From there she moved on to Illustrator and eventually ditched the whole editing career altogether after proving herself as a designer professionally.

In 2009, Alma and her husband Mike formed Ollibird, a company that provides digital artistic services ranging from corporate design to high-end photo retouching, to illustration. Check out their work and services at

Patricia Zapata has always loved making things and always loved paper. Making hand crafted cards is how her blog and shop, A Little Hut got started in 2004. As an independent graphic designer, she is in front of a computer a lot so A Little Hut gives her the opportunity to be creative in a different way. She also owns and operates Zapata Design, a graphic design studio, since 2001. Home, Paper, Scissors is her first paper craft book, which was published in August 2009. For more information and photos visit the Home, Paper, Scissors site. You can see more of her work here.
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