Melissa Esplin

I grew up in a very crafty home where my mother hardly ever fed us cold cereal or let us eat school lunch. I really want to be like her. She made such an effort to make every birthday and holiday (even the small ones) significant and fun, even on a tight budget. Including my mom, there are so many crafty women that have been role models to me and shown me how an artistic sense really enhances motherhood.

Before the mommyhood and wifeyhood happened, I went to college and earned a degree in painting and drawing while taking various sculpture, ceramic and bookbinding classes. I paid my way through school with a graphic design job at the university designing menus, invitations and posters for various entities and activities on campus. 

After graduation my husband and I moved to sunny Menlo Park where I taught watercolor classes to seniors in assisted living communities and bookbinding classes to the surrounding adult community. Almost two years later, we moved to Salt Lake City where found cheap housing, extended family and loads of mountains. Now, I’m focusing on raising my little family and growing my graphic design skills and crafting at every opportunity.
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